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How To: A Romantic Vanity

A vanity is the one place where it's fun to be as girly and feminine as it gets. Even if the rest of your house is stark, modern or just generally chaotic, a romantic vanity is your own corner of the world. Here are a few ways to create the look: Start with something a tall jewelry holders to add height and structure. I liked this mannequin holder, made with wood and french linens.

Pair it with a unique faded turquoise resin hand covered with wild flowers and Parisian scripts to hold bracelets and rings. Etched glass dishes, decorative soap dishes and lovely trays are also a simple way to catch jewelry.

Add decorative glass bottles and decanters filled with lotions and potions, fragrant votive candles and decorative tins to hold soap or treasures.

Add a gorgeous antique mirror and fresh flowers and a few well-placed scarves, and your vanity will look like a Parisian boudoir.


maureen @ The Inglenook Decor said...

yipppeeee! amazing post! jewelry organizers should be chic! :) i'm quite partial to the mannequins ha!ha! thanks so much for the mention!

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