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Decorating Strategies from Sunset Magazine

Sunset Magazine has a nice online feature with 14 quickie decorating tips. You're probably seen and heard much of this advice before, but it's always helpful to revisit them in a new context. It could turn on a lightbulb. Here are a few tips that we liked, starting with Strategy No. 1: Choose pieces with meaning (above). The clash between a modern painting and a rustic fanciful cabinet looks great.

Strategy No. 4: Use practical items as accents. Spices, pasta, teapots, colanders and other kitchen basics are all used in this warm, welcoming look.

Strategy No. 13: Use a dramatic backdrop. In this case, a chocolate wall makes gleaming white furniture and matted black and white photos pop in stark relief.


margauxhf said...

I adore the rustic cabinet and contrasted with the modern painting it really does look great.

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