Opaline: West Elm's Butterfly & Poppy Duvet Covers


West Elm's Butterfly & Poppy Duvet Covers

West Elm just introduced these two fantastic, overscaled print duvet covers. The huge butterflies are from earth-toned vintage prints on a taupe background. The fabric is 250-thread count cotton sateen. The flowers print features large leaf green and faded turquoise poppies. It's on 300-thread-count cotton sateen. Fun, great-looking and totally able to give a bed an instant makeover.
@ West Elm, from $129


Flowers said...

Your decorations are just fabulous and your home is beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration.

Flowers said...

Your butterfly and poppy duet cover seems to wonderful and economical. just want to confirm is the price is inclusive of delivery charges?

Sucasa said...

Hi Flowers,

Thanks for the comments. I know West Elm, the company that sells these duvet covers, has a shipping charge that's around $10. If you click the link to West Elm, you can find out how to order, etc. :)

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