Opaline: Diptyque's Beauty & the Beast Candle Set


Diptyque's Beauty & the Beast Candle Set

Diptyque makes the most unbelievable -- and unbelievably expensive -- candles, but if you can afford the splurge, they're so worth it.

This month, they've released the Beauty and the Beast-themed candle set, which are designed so the scents harmonize when they're burned together. The Beauty candle is scented with rhubarb, Egyptian geranium, black currant, rose and sandalwood while the Beast smells like Indonesian patchouli, java vetiver and wood.

Beauty & Beast @ Diptyque, $78/pair. (Call to order from their NYC store.... apparently, they're not very user-friendly).
Regular Diptyque candles, including the fabulous Baies and Feu de Bois @ Bigelow Chemists, $60.


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