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Simplified: Modern Scented Drawer Liners

Drawer liners went out of style a while back, perhaps because they smelled more stuffy than sophisticated.
But we've noticed pretty drawer liners with modern patterns and modern fragrances that we'd be happy to put in our lingerie drawers.

The Italian scented papers (above) come in poppy, flax and lavender, and each one has a gorgeous patterns.
@ Touch of Europe, $26/set of 6

Gianna Rose Atelier papers come in gorgeous patterns and lovely scents, including rice flower, vanilla pear and linen. We're seriously coveting the print for the rice flower paper (center).
@ Gianna Rose, $20/set of 6 

The Soap & Paper Factory has S + P Papers offers six papers with great scents -- orange blossom, verbena, fig, cinnamon/clove, green tea and rosewood -- on lovely, contemporary botanical prints.
@ S&P Factory, $28/set of 6

These prints are from Hammocks & High Tea, which makes rice paper liners in a wide range of modern geometric and floral patterns. They scent the papers with organic essential oils, in unique fragrances like coriander, mandarin jasmine and amber.
@ Hammocks & High Tea, $25/set of 6.


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