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Under the Cloche

A glass cloche -- or a bell jar -- is such an ingenious way to turn ordinary objects into miniature wonderlands. We stumbled upon a Flickr display of glass cloches and fell for their creativity. They work beautifully if you're creating vignettes, and almost work like shadow boxes. It's a great way to show off souvenirs, collectibles or just small, beautiful objects that are easily over-looked.

Or if you prefer something more simple, all kinds of everyday objects, such as plants or dishes. They're easy to find right now, but similarly-shaped glass vases can do the trick.

Most of these images are from the 'Under the Cloche' Flickr group. The top left is from Mothology and the bottom center is from Geninne's Art Blog. We've also posted a few links to find them.
@ Mothology, from $52
@ Wisteria, from $24


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