Opaline: Mod Podge to the Rescue


Mod Podge to the Rescue

We recently stumbled onto a clever site that is bent on saving random and boring things around the house, one bottle of Mod Podge at a time.

For those who were never in Girl Scouts or just don't craft, Mod Podge is the glue-y stuff that dries clear and is used to decoupage just about anything.

Here, courtesy of ModPodge Rocks, are a few surprisingly Mod Podge-able things:

1. Prettify a step stool. If you're so over looking at black rubber tread, try covering it with a pretty fabric to make reaching up to a high cabinet so much sweeter. [via Groovin' with the Grizas]

2. Cover a clipboard with tea labels. Or wine labels. Or just about any other pattern or theme that comes to mind.

3. Posterize a chair or two.

4. Make adorable switch plate covers. (Or if you'd rather just buy one, pop by a la mode for a great selection.)

5. Drape plain tea lights with thin, semi-transparent dress patterns.


LG said...

Great blog! thanks for the email and the shout out! I loved your header!

One Ford Road said...

You have made so many beautiful things! Everything I make with it is so simple... I need to learn from your skill!

<3 Lindsya

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